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    ZhuZhouYicheng Carbide CO.,Ltd

    Contact number:

    139 7533 9860

    Hot keywords: Non-standard products Carbide ring Carbide CNC blade Carbide round bar Drawing die

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    Cemented Carbide Research and Development Base

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    ZhuZhouYicheng Carbide CO.,Ltd

    ZhuZhouYicheng Carbide CO.,Ltd

    Zhuzhou yicheng carbide co., LTD. Is a modern enterprise committed to the research and development, production, sales of "high quality carbide" series of products. The main business hard alloy ball te...

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    Start work well!2019,move on!

    Start work well!2019,move on!

    Congratulations on the website of ZhuZhouYicheng Carbide CO.,Ltd! ! !Save customers' costs at a favorable price and meet the needs of customers with professional services. We always adhere to the values of “Customer First, Care for Empl......

    Questions AnswersQUESTION ANSWER

    Carbide processing precision tungsten steel production

    答:Carbide processing, precision tungsten steel production, Zhuzhou Sanxin Cemented Carbide Production ......

    What is the difference between tungsten steel and hard alloy

    答:Tungsten steel: The product contains about 18% tungsten alloy steel. Tungsten steel is a hard alloy,......

    Carbide mold materials need to have four properties

    答:1. Sufficient thermal stability: When continuous production, the temperature rise of the mold someti......

    High temperature cemented carbide mold production and proces

    答:High-temperature cemented carbide mold production and processing, Zhuzhou Sanxin cemented carbide mo......

    What are the hard alloys?

    答:It is usually classified according to the composition of the alloy, and the usage statement is more ......

    Analysis: The development direction of powder injection mark

    答:In recent years, due to the development of mobile phone design in the direction of thinning, the wid......

    What is special steel?

    答:There is no uniform definition and concept for special steel. It is generally considered that specia......

    Contact number:

    139 7533 9860

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